Role Of The Change Process Within An Organization Essay

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Hamsah Timraz
Com 574
Role Play Analysis
This role-play should teach us about the change process within an organization. As change is something inevitable in any organization, all leaders should have the ability to cope up with change, and help their subordinates go through change. Tom as a leader failed in facing the change that have been imposed on his department, it was hard for him personally to accept change, he felt that he was losing control over the situation. Moreover, letting go some of his supervisors was difficult choice he had to make. And that made him to shut off from communicating with his supervisors. He had difficulty to go through the change curve; Goodman and Loh argued that “ it is important for leaders for effected teams to recognize that they too are traveling through the change curve. They will need emotional resilience to travel through their personal change curve quickly” (244). By examining the role it is obvious that Tom couldn’t manage to overcome his emotions of the sudden change. Tom had to communicate directly and clearly with his subordinate about the changes the department will go through, as it is one of the key elements of guiding the team through their change journey. Goodman and Loh argued that there are five stages to lead the team through change; Tom apparently failed in meeting these stages. The first is, the stages of team development, which is the storming stage where leaders should speak their views and share their ideas with…

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