Essay Role Of Teachers And Early Childhood Educators

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Use of Time

Furthermore, an FDK program provides children with large block of time so that they can be able to have enough meaningful play at the different centers. When planning large group instruction activities, educators take into account the attention span of the children, duration they have been in school, how familiar are they with routines, strength , needs and interest in order to adjust time accordingly (Ontario Ministry of Education, 2010). The FDK team takes the following into consideration when planning small group or individualized activities:
• Provide opportunity for revisiting previous activities
• Plan for daily block of time for play
• Consider attention span of the children
• Plan purposeful interaction at the centers rather than limiting responses Roles of Teachers and Early Childhood Educators

FDK team comprises of kindergarten teacher and an early childhood educator who work in tandem to plan and implement the curriculum and provide an environment conducive for early learning. The team members are continuously learning between themselves, the children and their parents (Ministry of Ontario, 2010). Some of the roles of the FDK team include:
• Curriculum planning and implementation
• Observing, documenting and assessing children development and interests
• Communicating with families
• Providing and maintaining a healthy physical, social and emotional learning environment
Figure 1 below summarizes the roles of ECE educator and Kindergarten…

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