Role Of Stakeholders In Project Management

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The approach of this project is divided in five processes as initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling and closing. All of this process has their own special features at different stages of the project which gives direction to the project.
This is the first and foremost process of our project in which we start our project. In this process, tasks like making project charter and identifying of stakeholders is done. The project charter will formally authorize the project and a project manager will be assigned. This will be followed by the stakeholder identification and stakeholder analysis.
Stakeholder identification results in stakeholder register which includes all the members involved in the project. All the members of the stakeholder has key role during the whole duration of the project. Also, the stakeholders are categorised according to their roles and responsibilities in the project. Based on the roles and significance of the stakeholders, the project manager together with the team will prepare a comprehensive communication
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Observation of the project, problem identification and correction of the problems are the three basic purposes of monitoring and controlling. If the project manager finds out the project is going the wrong way or I not going according to the plan then they can control the project. The project manager uses their problem identification skills to identify the problems and can change the initial planning to overcome the obstacles. This project ensures that any approved changes are made so that the project doesn’t take too much time or budget. During replacing the current desktop system, if it feels like upgrading to newer system might bring problems then change of plan can be done to prevent those problems. In this phase, we can also monitor if the project is going according to time and budget and also do the quality

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