American Family Socialization

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Families have changed greatly over the past 60 years, and they continue to become more diverse. The family is the most important agent of socialization. The preparation of socialization within the unit is deliberate and unconscious. The social life of the family has a considerable bearing upon the values and orientations children learn. This trend is changing with parents not being more involved in their children’s life. Peers and media are taking the spot of the family unit. The values and traditions are not practiced as they once were. More women work outside the home allowing children to be raised by school, peers, and media. Society is becoming more diverse and open to all types of new lives that was taboo in the 1950.
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After the family teaches, the values and the foundation children begin to discover friends and schoolmates. Sometimes the peers are from other cultures with a different background. So now, you have new ideas incorporating into the norm of a person’s beliefs and foundations. With these new ideas you have changes in thoughts, behaviors, and views. One of the major causes of the dramatic change to the American family is diversity of interracial couples. It is more common now for interracial couples not be criticize for it because of the interracial then you will have a mixture of values beliefs and a completely new culture. Other than the interracial in the American family units now we also have a mixture of sexualities in the homes a family may now have two daddies or two mommies. In the 1950’s this would have been blasphemy against God and society. Other changes are the interaction with other people of different cultures and diversity of beliefs and values. The media, social media and the internet has played a role in grouping many together. Employers now do not entertain the separations of groups of people; they encourage the diversity, ideas, and culture to improve the work place environment. People now versus the 1950 are more understanding of not being able to force their own opinions on someone else. Going back to the media, the media has an important role in swaying society, via magazines, books, cell phones, computers, emails, pop up adds, news programs, and television shows it’s in your face whether you want it to be or not. Because of conflict theory women are working outside the home in some cases the roles of the breadwinner has changed, affirmative action, and women’s rights have all played a role in the way the family is in 2015 than in 1950. We still have a long way to go but the progress is moving

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