Role Of Socialization In School

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Socialization is the process people undergo to learn the attitudes, values and behaviors that are appropriate for members of a particular culture. It is a lifelong process that involves many different social forces that influence our lives. These social forces are known as socializing agencies. Agents of socialization are directly responsible for influencing the development of the self. These agents play an important role in shaping the behavior; emotions, and behaviors of a person. Family is most influential socializing agent, the functions of family play an important role in socializing an individual. Other socializing agencies such as religion and school can also fill the socializing role that family has on an individual. Family, as Schaefer …show more content…
Socialization in schools, according to Schaefer, is when some people consciously teach, while others take the role of the learner. This form of socialization is called education. Education, like family is a cultural universal. In a similar fashion to family, education also transmits culture to children. School exposes children to existing beliefs, norms, and values of their culture. In the classroom children are exposed to books along with films, and through interactions with teachers and classmates they are introduced to societies’ norms and expectations. Children of immigrants are also socialized in the education system. By promoting a common language, these children are expected to learn and communicate in English. This socializes the children into the norms, values, and beliefs of the dominant culture in the United States. School also plays a role in shaping and influencing children as individuals. The school system teaches children how to live orderly lives, by introducing them into the norms and values of society. They are taught punctuality, discipline, scheduling, and proper work habits. The same way as family, school imposes gender roles upon children. Male students are encouraged to pursue math and science careers, while female students are urged into careers such as teachers. The education system in a similar fashion to family, plays a key role in socializing an

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