Role Of Social Media Before And Today

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Social Media Before and Nowadays
There are many different forms of social media in this generation. Back in the days when there was no technology, our lives were very simple and basic. Now, It is very rare to see anyone under the age of 30 that hasn 't had used or been a part of any form of social media account. Although networks on a personal level have changed our society and have changed the way we go about our daily lives.
Social Media can be a true distraction and a time waster. For example, before when there was no technology, everyone used to communicate with each other. This shows that there was more time to connect with more people face to face. This also shows that there was a greater sense of relationships between families
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Firstly, back to the 90s when there was no Facebook or any type of social media, our lives were based on letters. This exemplifies that people used to send pictures to their relatives to show them their kids. To clarify this point it shows that people wouldn’t share their lives with anyone only for their families or friends. Secondly, “mistakes become public knowledge that no longer may be forgotten” (Zay). This evidence confirms that a little mistake you make won’t disappear because once it’s on the public; it’s never going to be forgotten. Also, when people see you around they would just talk about it and gossip. However, “These mistakes can min a person 's reputation and affect acceptance into college, all the way to trying to find a job” (Zay). This reveals that if you have everything on Facebook public it would be hard for you to find a job because your future boss might go to your Facebook account before interviewing you and look over your page. This also relevant because you should have your account always private or otherwise everyone would see what you have shared. To sum up, people should have their social media private and share few things with …show more content…
Back in the days there wasn’t an alternative forum to post pictures or cyber bully. This shows that people were nicer to each other and respected each other. Also, they didn’t have a way to bully or harass others. Initially, “I see other 20-somethings feeling pressured to constantly keep up a public image, especially a cyber-public image” (MH&H). This explains why social media is bad because people post pictures of themselves and others make fun of them. This is important because people nowadays have nothing to do just be on social media and put negative comments on people. Another fact about bullying is that “The cyber-styling has seeped into online dating, too, leading to what Marina Adshade, an economist at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, calls beauty inflation.” This is important because it shows how people don’t have any confident to show their real beauty. This is also important because when people date online they see the fake pictures of people they are talking to, and when they meet in real life they get tricked because they are not the same ones in the picture due to using the apps to change them. Overall, there should be no cyber bullying because it affects people emotionally and mentally.
In conclusion, social media could be a bad influence because you give all your attention to it. Back in the days, people used to have a better life easy and simple. Now, Students may fail their schools because of social media

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