Role Of Social Classes During 19th Century France Play And Their Impact On The Novel Perfume

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The purpose of this essay is to analyze the important role social classes in 18th century France play and their impact in the novel Perfume. Social classes are prominent throughout this novel and one of the focal points. Throughout this novel, we see Jean Baptiste Grenouille climbing the social ladder after being born into the epitome of poverty. Starting from nothing and molding himself and his life to something. Grenouille is not the only character that is impacted by social classes. Key characters such as Father Terrier, Giuseppe Baldini, and Grenouille’s mother just to name a few. Whatever classes they fall under determines how a character is treated and what resources they have at their disposal. Grenouille received some aid in the form of a certain evolution of education. This revolution existed as The Enlightenment (also known as The Age of Reason) and it takes place during the same time as Grenouille ascension to the upper class. The Enlightenment is touched upon by Baldini “this craze of experimentation, this rodomontade in commerce, in trade, and in the sciences!” (Suskind 23). The Enlightenment was referred to more in another quote from Baldini “These Diderot’s and d’Alemberts and Voltaire’s and Rousseau’s or whatever names these scribblers have-there are even clerics among them and gentlemen of noble birth!-they have finally managed to infect the whole society with their perfidious fidgets, with their sheer delight in discontent and their unwillingness to be…

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