Role Of Resource Planning And The Quality Of Service Delivery

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The role and relevance of resource planning in the quality of service delivery in Health and Social Care.

The service to which is offered by the company being discussed is designed to provide an alternative care within an environment for people requiring care and support for a number of different reasons. ‘to support our service users we provide a range of services to meet their differing needs, including supported living, supported housing, residential care, community and home support, floating support, extra care and day services.’ (Creative Support, 2015). This service is not funded by the NHS or state funding but by the family of the service users and is reliant on charitable donations. With family paying for the care provided they expect exceptional care and value for money which is done to the best of their ability. Some resources and care are limited as there is at times lack of funds therefore restrictions and limitations have to be out into place unfortunately. Careful planning and budgeting needs to be adhered to, to guarantee the best service is given ‘ all health and social care organisations have a number of statutory duties to undertake in order to comply with legislation for all sections of society’(quote taken from lesson: nature of resource management,,) the company is currently run by a hierarchy of staff. There are policies set in place regarding expenditure and where the moneys are from and going to. As with all companies, there are flaws,…

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