Role Of Religion In China Essay

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Religions in China
Religion can play many roles in different dynasties and cultures. Some may worship one thing and have another banned from their society. Some may be tolerant of religions even if they don’t believe in them. The Han Dynasty and the Yuan Dynasty both have similar views but they also have differences in what they think of certain religions. Some religions were not even introduced until later in the dynasty’s rule.
In the Han Dynasty, religion was based mainly on the teachings of Laozi and Confucius. They believed in Confucianism but they also were tolerant of other religions. They also switched between religion and philosophy. In the end, they had a mix of both philosophy and religion. During the Han Dynasty’s rule, Daoism
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Mongols rulers were not in favor of Daoism. They preferred Lamaism. Lamaism is a form of Tibetan Buddhism. They were also tolerant of other religions so they put up with other religions even though it was not their favorite. In the seventh century, Catholicism was introduced in the Yuan Dynasty. While this was going on the Yuan Dynasty also was Islam prospering and there are more than 30,000 mosques in modern day China. There were also many religions in the Yuan Dynasty but they were different than the religions in the Han Dynasty.
There were also many similarities between the Han Dynasty and the Yuan Dynasty. They were both tolerant of other religions when they were not their favorite. The Mongols did not get mad at Daoism. They both also worshiped a form of Buddhism. They were also more than one religion on both the Han Dynasty and the Yuan Dynasty. Both dynasties had some religion introduced later in their rule. They are both very similar when it comes to religion.
The Han Dynasty and the Yuan Dynasty both have their differences. One worships some religions and another does not like their religions. They also have many similarities. They were both tolerant and even worshiped some type of the same religion. These two dynasties were very similar and had similar religious

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