Role Of Project Manager On Construction Projects Essay

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1. Role of project manager on construction projects

A project manager is someone who capable of managing the project professionally. Project manager has various responsibilities in a project such as time managing, organizing, planning etc. The role of project manager in a construction project doesn’t confined to a single task, he have different role at the same time. For example he is the one who plan and execute the whole work as per the project requirement in accordance with client’s objectives. Moreover he must control the project time, procurement work to reduce the overall failure.

The major roles of a project manager in a construction projects are follows;
1) Planning and sequencing the whole work.
Project manager should plan the whole work in the limitations and he should properly schedule the work by sequencing the project.

2) Execute the work as per client’s requirement.
The project should be execute as per the clients requirements only and should provide all the needs of the customer.

3) Time estimation and managing.
Prior to the commencement of the work project manager (in some companies, for time estimation there may be some special department) should calculate the total time for completion of work and he should manage the time delays during its execution.

4) Cost estimation and controlling the budget.
Before initiation of the project, the project manager (in some companies it is done by the quantity surveyor only) should estimate and calculate the…

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