Congress's Role In Foreign Policy Making

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The U.S. government consists of three branches, the judicial branch, executive branch, and the legislative branch. The judicial branch interprets the laws made by the legislative branch, Congress, and enforced by the executive branch, the President. Many believe the President is the dominant force in foreign policy making due to the ability to enforce the laws made by Congress. Others believe congress asserts its role by limiting the powers of the President. Based on the powers of each branch, Congress and the President hold equal power in foreign policy making. The President represents the executive branch which job is to enforce all laws made, without the executive branch laws would be just as good as a piece of
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I believe it could also prevent tyranny in which not too much power is given to just one person. If Congress did not play an important role in foreign policy I think the President would have too much power in foreign policy making because there would be no checks from legislature to agree with the President being right or wrong in his actions. If there wasn’t any checks coming from Congress, the President would be able to do almost anything of being able to appoint ambassadors without being approved by no one else but himself, he would make it to where almost the whole legislative branch of is in his favor. I also believe that the President would make many more mistakes for the country because there would only be one person in charge of the policy with no other say the President would overall have too much power. Congress is able to check the presidential powers is enough for being an important role in foreign policy making. For Congress to be able to check some of the President’s most influential powers shows a lot for being able to have an important role. Just the way the executive and legislative branches are set up to work together works perfectly that way there is not too much power on one side. I wouldn’t agree with Congress to have a more important role in this policy because I feel they could possibly carry too much power adding on to the power they already have over the President. In my opinion, it is important for Congress to have a role in this policy so there is no corruption in this particular

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