Role Of Policing In A Contemporary Society

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Policing in a Contemporary Society
Many changes have occurred during the 1970s. “A “new” style of policing was introduced, with the intention of rebuilding the principles of policing by consent.” (Goff, 2017, p. 190). There are three types of policing: reactive, preventative and proactive. Proactive policing was introduced to encourage police officers to be more engaged to better control crime. Proactive Policing is the practice of deterring crime, reducing disorder, and reducing citizens fear of crime. To simplify it, proactive policing is the action that happens before a crime is committed (Swan, n.d.). It argues that the police are too concerned about their organized structure instead of figuring how to focusing on the problems
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The idea is to include the community in policing so that there will be understating and cooperation between the two. The community includes everyone; businessman, teachers, residents, etc. Community policing believes in organizational change so that police officers will be encouraged to be active in the community and to make sure that the organization is more flexible to solve problems. The change must happen in the organizations structure, culture, and management approach (Goff, 2017, p. 195). The reason for this kind of change is that so the organization will not be so centralized about crime solving and will not develop the traditional idea of us against them. The organization has to be participative, flexible and cooperative towards the community.
An example for an agency that uses community policing is the Vancouver Police Department. The department has many Community Policing Centres where the people of Vancouver can go and make crime preventive programs, talk about events and much more. It gives a change to the community to get involved with the police and the police gets to know the community better to help them fix their problems. Another service the department provides is programs for the youth to keep them active and encourage good citizenship and an alternative to involvement in crime, gangs or drugs. (The Vancouver Police Department ,

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