Role of Music Essay

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The Role of Music

Music plays an important part of our life, community, and our culture. Without music many people would go unnoticed from their natural talent. Music takes many roles; singing, playing an instrument, using technology, and creating an art. Music is the key to our personalities and to whom we are. Without music we notice that our lives become flat and dreary. Music creates wonderful masterpieces and a sentimental songs that we can base from. Music makes our lives, communities, and culture a place to live and to enjoy. Music to some people, isn’t just the lyrics to a song or an exciting drum beat and guitar solos, it’s a way of life. Many children these days are picking up instruments and learning them,
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You could set up a talent show, or musical. It’s a great way to get the community involved and to meet new people. Music has expanded our culture vastly. We notice today in our society that our worlds are different from others, but we can all relate to music. Music influences our people and reflects what we make of our culture. Music has affected our history enormously. In the past, everything used to be very conservative. With all of the music evolving, we have broken this habit. Music can affect our culture negatively or positively. Music can elevate or degrade our society. The music I listen to can go both ways. My favorite genre of music is jazz. Jazz lightens up our culture and makes it fun and easy. With hip hop(on occasion) can be very abrasive and demeaning. All music has its own messages, positive and negative. Music makes our lives exhilarating and can calm and relax us. Music brings are communities closer together for the good of others. Music can reflect the views of our culture and society. Music is the one of the building blocks of entertainment, and helps us enjoy life as is it. Without music movies would be monotonous and we would have no instruments to make music. People wouldn’t find their true talent, I wouldn’t have found my true talent. Music finds the strength in our

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