Role Of Money Within Society : The United States ' High School Mathematics Program

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Children in society struggle daily with meeting the educational expectation. Compared to other countries around the world, the United States’ high school mathematics program stands in 31st place, and 24th in science. (Desilver, 2015) The American educational system remains below the expectation, and unfortunately, relays no signs of improving. In his essay, America Skips School, Benjamin Barber argues that the reason for the education crisis falls on the hands of the adults, because of their lack of initiative in supporting the youth of America. Children seem wrapped up in the current status of the world rather than their education. Modern portrayal of the stereotypical American student include failing assignments and dropping out of school, thanks to societal influences. Society’s emphasis on money, modern technology, and fame negates traditional classroom learning. The common role of money within society destroys the traditional classroom learning. In his essay, Barber claims, “…if we really valued schooling, we’d pay teachers what we pay stock brokers; if we valued books, we’d spend a little something on the libraries so that adults could read, too;” (Barber, 2014, p.212). Barber explains that if Americans properly used their money and invested in the necessary educational tools, then the educational system in America would improve. Barber also supplies the example of salaries between teachers and athletes. During Barber’s time, baseball players could earn millions of…

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