Role Of Members Of The Multidisciplinary Team That Will Look After Giovanni

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Question 4
Outline and explain the role of each member of the multidisciplinary team that will look after Giovanni? (10 marks)
The members of the multidisciplinary team who take participation in Giovanni’s care depends on a number of factors including the stage of his diabetes, the services available in his area etc. The team is designed to provide support for Giovanni’s condition as well as care and education (Diabetes Australia 2015).
The first and most important person in the team is Giovanni himself. This is because the actions he makes on a daily basis, the lifestyle choices he makes and how he follows his prescribed treatment are all important aspects of reaching his goals. The more knowledge Giovanni has on his condition and the more he knows about the basic management, the less chances that he will have issues (ADEA 2016).
The most appropriate health care professionals for the team would include the:
- General practitioner: The GP is the primary member of the team when it comes to the care for the patient with diabetes. Their main duties are to undertake a complete medical review during the initial diagnosis and take into consideration other medical conditions involved. They are also the person responsible for keeping the rest of the necessary members of the team up to date with the progress of the patient and any changes that have been made (Diabetes Australia 2015). The GP, most importantly, originates the treatment plan and reviews these on an annual basis…

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