Essay about Role of Management and Individuals

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Role of Management and Individuals
Bernard Hernandez-Irizarry
University of Phoenix
November 17, 2014
Prof. Maria Rodriguez-Alvarado

Role of Management and Individuals
The objective of change management is to inspire and engage all organizations to adopt a new way of doing their jobs. It may be a process, structural change, system, or a job role (or all of them), but a project can only succeed should each individual employee are willing to change their day-by-day performance. This element is the core of change management; organizing the individual change required for a successful implementation, which in the long run will add value to the organization.
There are structures of individuals who are responsible to support
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But the supervisor does not understand different aspects of that attendance policy, which in most cases affect cabin crewmembers the same way it would all other employees. This can be observed as lack of knowledge, or even interest. Managers must not only understand, they must also live and be able to project these changes. To be able to support these steps a manager must be able to connect and fully understand the job description of the people they are leading. These events are not the same when comparing them to the correlation between a CEO and a supervisor, but the main objective of grasping the concept of change, and how important this change is all across the board (Change Management Learning Center, 2012).
Change Agents
An organization must be prepared to deal with two types of changes, Internal changes and External changes. Internal change agents are those experts within an organization that have special skills in organization improvement, to help the organization. A good example would be market specialists within the company. External agents would be those individuals, or organizations that analyze the organization, but are not part of it. A few years ago American Airlines hired the services of an outside organization to find ways to better cut labor costs; this organization may be considered an external agent. Both, these change agents are expected to do the same work. They both must provide ways for the organization to be able to

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