Role of Leadership Essay

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1. Introduction

Pre conditon Of development :Transforming population(unskilled manpower) to skilled Manpower(Human resource)

Unskilled People donot come to any use of the country or socity.on the other hand the skilled people not only become successful personally but also can speed up the economic activities of the state.The skilled manpower turned into economic resourses of the state.The unskilled people are considered as the burden of of the state.the skilled people are called human resource .such type of people can acquire or produce resources.This is the productivity of man.The more personal productity is increased,the more the country wioll be productive.

Pre conditon Creating skilled Manpower(Humam Resource): Leadership
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He is responsible for ensuring that the work gets done, according to established means or standard operating procedures. Workers need managers with to be clear when setting direction, explaining processes, establishing boundaries and communicating specific goals etc. Today modern leaders understand that they cannot simply order employees. (Mintzberg, 1973). Leaders are needed from every sector: business, professions, civic, education, religion and social sectors.

As a Business Studies Discipline student these type of scope of study force me to prepare the term paper report on “Role of leadership in transforming population into Human Resources”

3. Objective Of the study

Effective leadership is a personal role that requires the blending of motivational, strategic and management skills to align focus, energy and drive whilst creating a culture which encourages individual thinking and attainment. Ultimately leadership is about pushing ideas and thoughts forward, shouldering responsibility and aspirations to bring out the confidence of others. Leaders are required to have greater project leadership and influencing skills than in the past. Today leaders are not only needed for creating business successful but also they transform huge population into human resource. A leader may be a political hand or Business hand or a People who deserve the quality of leading huge population to development. This study will help gathering knowledge

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