Role Of Law Enforcement In Terrorism

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The Role of Law Enforcement in Terrorism
Stephen E. Brantley Jr.
Troy University
ETROY Survey of Law Enforcement CJ-2221-XTIA The Role of Law Enforcement in Terrorism
Domestic terrorism was, until the mid 1990s, considered primarily a subject that was relegated to Federal agencies. Beginning with the World Trade Center bombing of 1993 and including the bombing of the Federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995 and the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996, America saw an increased need for first responders to be local. By increasing the education and information shared with local and state law enforcement, the Federal Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security (after its creation in 2003) have increased the number of individuals
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The COPS Office mission is to advance public safety through community policing ("COPS Office: About COPS").”

One reason community policing is effective as a counter-terrorism tool, is that terrorists often commit other crimes as they build their forces and gather money. Many, if not most, terror groups operating within the United States are funded primarily by criminal activities. Identity theft, money laundering, drug trafficking and fraud are the most common forms of crime used by these groups.
According to the RAND Corporation the greatest problem facing local and state agencies, is lack of personnel. These agencies are finding it to be harder and harder to find and hire individuals that are both capable and possess the qualifications needed. Both senior management and former analysts at RAND agree that in order for local agencies to improve, greater support from federal agencies will be needed. To add to the problem of personnel, the federal government is less willing to offer more support than in previous years
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