Essay about Role of Hr for Csr

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Ms. Suhas Diwate

Name of Author/Co-Author: Suhas B. Diwate

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Title of paper: “ Role of HR for CSR”


Concept of CSR

A Business Unit is in society, within which it operates. This speaks of a number of stakeholders to
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HRM can be defined as:

• A process of procuring, developing & maintaining competent human resources in the organization so that the goals of an organization are achieved in an effective & efficient manner.

• HRM is an art of managing people at work in such a manner that they give their best to the organization for achieving its set goals. At the end, it can say that It is recognition on the part of the business that profit making entities do not exist in vacuum; and a large part of any success, they enjoy is as much due to the context in which they operate.

Introduction :-

The present day business continuously innovate by introducing drastic changes in priorities and bringing consensus on critical success factors. Several such factors that had been put in the backburner by yesterday’s managers were pushed to the limelight by today’s businesses for survival and growth. The issue of stakeholder welfare is one of such factors that received greater attention from management all over the world. This can contributed to widespread thinking about humanizing and democratizing the process of administration. One of the aspects that is thought of and refined more in the present context on stakeholder welfare is the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Every business organization is working out a model to implement their CSR initiatives according to the

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