Write An Essay On The Role Of Forensic Science In Criminal Justice

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Forensic applies to courts or the judicial system, combine that with science and forensic science mean applying scientific methods and processes to solving crime. Forensic Science deals with the application of the knowledge and methodology of various disciplines of science to legal matters. It involves the use of multiple disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology, computer science and engineering for evidence analysis. For instance, physics is used to understand the pattern of a blood spatter, biology to establish the source of an unidentified suspect and chemistry to determine the composition of drugs. Thus, the role of forensic science in criminal justice and the legal system is highly critical but is often underrated. Forensic science plays an important role in crime scene investigations , it helps solves crimes from a different point of view, a average person won’t be able to detect the …show more content…
Forensic scientists may be divided into three, major groups; Forensic Pathologists: These include medical examiners and other professionals who oversee autopsies and clinical forensic examinations. Forensic Scientists: These include forensic professionals working in law enforcement, government, or private forensic laboratories who are responsible for dealing with any number of specific tests and analyses, such as toxicology, ballistics, trace evidence, etc. Associated Scientists: These include scientific professionals lending their knowledge to forensic science, such as forensic odontologists, forensic botanists, forensic anthropologists, etc. These scientists apply their knowledge to the forensic science field as to provide investigators with crucial information regarding everything from bite marks to insect infestation on the postmortem

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