Role of Finance and Hr Manager Essay

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The Role of Finance Manager
The role of finance manager in the company is an important one. The function of the finance manager is not confined to the management and making of the accounts but it also plays a major role in dividend decisions, capital budgeting decisions, capital structure outlay of the firm, decision related to the merger and acquisitions, and all the investment decisions of the firm. Thus the finance manager plays an important role in any business enterprise.

The different decisions can be classified into: 1. The routine working capital and cash management decisions. 2. Dividend decisions 3. Investment decisions 4. Financial forecasting 5. International financial decisions 6. Portfolio
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Educating staff
3 Prevention of harassment and discrimination is key to establishing a workplace of dignity. This requires careful planning to ensure that: * all new appointees, including contractors, consultants and, particularly, line managers and supervisors have relevant policies explained to them as part of their induction, early in their appointment; * appropriate retraining occurs across the workforce from time to time, to reinforce staff understanding of the purpose, ramifications and implications of sustaining a workplace of dignity; * line managers receive specialized training on harassment and discrimination issues because line managers are the “first line of defense” and thus must be acutely aware of harassment and discrimination issues, act as role models, be alert to the emergence of harassment and discrimination problems in their workgroup, be aware of their responsibilities to act expeditiously and appropriately, and be empowered to do so; and * the above requirements are met effectively, not just at Center headquarters but across the Center’s entire spectrum of regional and country offices, no matter how small the group.
Providing support and guidance to people directly involved in harassment and

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