Role Of Ethics In Corporate Governance

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Corporations today are global and international. They deal with the government at many levels. These operations affect the millions of people who are consumers of their products. It works like a chain reaction. Corporations make up a small a small part of the companies, but are associated with businesses that are powerful. A corporation has a “face,” which is the company. This is where the public relations ties into corporations. Every corporation has products, a logo, and a brand that are visible in advertising to the public. The public’s perceptions of greed and corporate misdeeds are reinforced by stories in the media and activists. Corporations care about what their consumers think of them. It is a balance between arguing for realism …show more content…
Three areas to act in are to adopt ethical principles, purse transparency and disclosure, and make trust a fundamental rule of corporate governance. Some key factors to consider when making a decision are how it will affect politics, technology, socially, and the economy. The mass media affects how the public views a business or corporation. Corporations are particular on how a journalist may cover their business. They do not want all of the attention to be on the misdeeds and mistakes, such as impacts on the environment. This can lead to ongoing complaints about certain media coverage. Public relations practitioners must remain in the middle by interpreting their companies and clients to the media along with showing their chief executive and other supervisors how friendly media relations can be. Customer service is the front line in public relations. Even the smallest mistake can completely damage a company’s reputation forever. Mass media has changed the game. Product recalls can test the patience of consumers and bring their product into question. Traditionally, customer service was separate from the communication and public relations function in a company. Today, corporations are realizing how important customer relations are. Websites have become a way to measure the customer interaction. It is also crucial the public relations professionals …show more content…
In this case, companies will partner with a non- profit organization to advance their cause and increase sales. A few things to look for when beginning cause- related marketing are: look for a cause that exemplifies the product, consider your primary customers, and don’t use it as a way to salvage your image after a scandal.
Corporate sponsorship is everywhere. We see it on buildings, at sports games, music halls and more. Sponsorship has four major benefits to companies which include the enhancement of the reputation of the sponsoring company through association, high product visibility among key publics, provide a focus for marketing efforts and sales campaigns, and generate publicity and media coverage. Lastly, viral marketing is the new way to keep products or services buzzworthy. Thanks to technology a company can use word of mouth and increasingly pass on their message

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