Role Of Empowerment Of Women Essay

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Register to read the introduction… AICC vice-president Rahul Gandi held a rally to emphasize the importance of women and their future for a country. Rahul stated, “Women’s empowerment is the only way for a country to become a superpower” (Kumar). Many female leaders are currently or were present throughout the world, for example Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of the United Kingdom ruled from 1979 to 1990. She is known as “one of the longest-serving female world leaders of all time” (Schemmel & Cahoon). Thatcher was known for steering her political party through aggressive tax cuts, privatizations, union-busting, and cuts to government spending (Schemmel & Cahoon). Thatcher is just one of many examples in other countries where successful women have led and focused their country in a better direction, citizens of the country might even go as far to say they were the best leader they have had. Thatcher is just one of the many that was exemplified as a secret weapon for a country. She demonstrated that having a woman as a prominent leader of a country can make changes for the better good of the country that can create long lasting effects. The strength and the willingness of Thatcher to work with a country knowing there would be disagreements and conflicts along the way exhibits the type of characteristics executive men leaders are searching for to guarantee that women can rise up to voice the role as a strong leader for a company or organization. This type of empowerment by women of the past is a strong push towards a promising future for upcoming female candidates, and could increase the preference of women instead of men at the head of the …show more content…
Eagly, as previously mentioned, was a graduate from Harvard University and is a Phycology Professor at Northwestern University who also writes books about leadership roles, feminism and attitudes. Linda Carli is senior lecturer at Wellesley University and her main focus is on women and their professional image. She talks about the challenges women face when trying to obtain a leadership position and the discrimination among women. Carli and Eagly collaborated and wrote the book that describes women’s roles in the office. They give statistics from studies they have done that talk about women and how some are preferred as bosses rather men. This topic fits with the position the essay is taking on the revolution of change that women are creating. The page does contain some facts and statistics, but is mostly written from viewpoints of Carli and Eagly so it would be a biased written

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