Role Of Binary And Binary System Essay

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Role of Binary in Computing:
The computer data is represented using the binary system. Binary system is a number system that uses 0s and 1s to represent and store the data. The smallest unit of data in binary system is a digit or bit and is represented as 0 or 1. Computer processor is a circuit made up of a number of transistors. Each transistor contains a tiny switch that activates when the electronic signal is received. The digit 0 represents the off state and 1 represents the on state of a transistor. Computer programs can be described as the set of instructions, and each instruction is translated into the machine code to activate the CPU. A computer code is written by the programmer, and the translator converts this code into binary instructions so that the processor can execute them. Every information on a computer system is represented as a combination of the binary numbers.
Role of Octal in Computing:
Octal number system is another way of representing data in a computer system. It is referred as the base 8 number system as it consists of eight digits from 0 to 7. In an octal number system, position of each digit represents power of 8. As this system consists of eight digits only, eah digit is always represented by one of the 0 to 7 digits only. The Octal number system is equivalent of binary number and is used as a shorthand representation for the long binary numbers. Octal is also used as shorthand for the UNIX file permissions. For instance file mode rwxr-xr-x…

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