Role Of Animal Testing In The Modern World

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Animal Testing and the Modern World
“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. – Mahatma Gandhi” (Hajar, 2011). Since the beginning animal testing has been controversial. Although it is taboo animal testing has had positive outcomes. Testing on animals played a substantial role in the evolution of anesthesia and the progress of ovarian cancer screenings. Without trial testing on animal’s human death is a possibility. The most notable reason animal testing is frowned upon is because of the amount of pain and distress that is caused, as well as the amount of animals that are used. To an extent animal testing’s positives should be given the same recognition as the negatives in the modern world.
Testing on animal
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Countless amounts of animals are subject to excruciating experiments causing pains and severe distress. Kolar (2006) states, “from an ethical perspective it seems unacceptable, as humans, put sentient beings into states of suffering that we would never accept ourselves.” This quote pushed the aspect that humans should treat animals on the same scale. If a human was exposed to some of the same experiments to another human it would most likely be punishable by the law. Basic research is done explore biological phenomena (Kolar, 2006). “In many areas, such as physiology, animals are examined rather as ‘machines’ and individual functions of their body are investigated in more or less painful procedures” (Kolar, 2006). Applied biomedical research is when healthy animals are used and pathological symptoms have been created artificially (Kolar, 2006). Kolar’s (2006) example of applied biomedical research is, “in surgical research (but not only there), also physical injuries are inflicted on animals, such as breaking their bones, burning their skin,

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