Role Of An Eme Trainer With The Contact Information Of The Respective Chapters

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• Once an EME Trainer agrees to the suggested date, the Education Assistant will provide the trainer with the contact information of the respective chapter or association, the workshop topic and any other background information necessary for the visit.
• The Education Assistant will communicate with chapters, associations, Kappa Leadership Conference contacts, and EME Trainers regarding the following topics: o Educational resources and workshop activity suggestions o Reimbursement materials o EME Trainer Reports o Cancellations or date changes o Airline tickets over $400 o Changes in topic or presentation material o Special permission regarding hotel stay, transportation or supplies
C. Role of an EME Trainer: Setting up the Visit
• Contact the chapter or association and set up the exact time for the workshop. While workshops typically do not run over two and a half hours long — except during Leadership Day or LEAD Seminars — each must have at least two hours of instructional time.
• Talk to the chapter or association about their expectations and needs. This will help you determine the content for your workshop. At this time, please also specify any needs you might have in terms of room set-up and equipment. Be sure to clarify the number of participants who will be present.
• Please contact the Education Assistant if the chapter decides to change the topic or date of the visit.
• Ask the chapter to supply you with the name and contact information of their primary…

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