Role Of A Social Work Field Essay

1483 Words Dec 6th, 2016 6 Pages
Role Play Reflection Before doing the video, I became somewhat anxious at the thought of being on camera; knowing that I was going to be evaluated did not help my anxiety at all. After all, I am an introvert; even at that I love listening to people talk about their life’s experiences, and love to help them resolve their issues whenever possible. This is one reason I am looking forward to learning more about the social work field. I have always been careful at how much advice I offer a person; even more so now, after this class, because I recognize that if a worker is not prepared to help in the proper way she can do more harm than good to all the parties involved in the process. I am also aware that I am a social work student, and that my reason for being here to learn the correct way in which to help people help themselves. That is why after watching the video I was not too hard on myself. Even though I was given plenty of time by my instructor to complete the Final Video Role play, I still did not have enough time to prepare for it in the way I would have liked. I have been out of school for years. I also had problems balancing work and school at first, and I am catching on now. I am sure I will be able to pull it together, getting my assignments turned-in a timely matter. As far as the role play goes, my practice buddy and I decided that it would be best to just improvise this session. We only did the Role Play session once because I was to nervous to do it again.

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