Role Of A Resident Assistant At The University Of Connecticut

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At the University of Connecticut, located in Storrs, Connecticut, all first-year students are required to live on campus. The University provides several housing options, including thematic communities like Honors Program housing or Business Connections Learning Community housing, gender-inclusive housing, and standard co-educational, non-thematic options. Regardless of a student’s housing selection, the student will live in a community that is maintained by Resident Assistants. Depending on the housing configuration, an on-campus student, referred to as a resident, will have either a Resident Assistant on her/his floor, or one Resident Assistant for the entire building. The role of a Resident Assistant at the University of Connecticut is fairly interdisciplinary; responsibilities range from creating educational enrichment opportunities to foster an inclusive community to enforcing all housing policies set forth by the University. Resident Assistants have certain programming requirements, referring to the events that Resident Assistants plan for their communities, as well as duty requirements. Though Resident Assistants are expected to enforce housing policy at all times, there is a distinction of a Resident Assistant being explicitly responsible for enforcing proper conduct. This distinction, referred to as “duty”, is required of all Resident Assistants. When a Resident Assistant is on duty, this individual must carry a designated phone that is advertised as an emergency…

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