Role Of A Nursing Supervisor

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Register to read the introduction… The nurse supervisor is responsible for all work that is completed or not completed. It is the responsibility of the nursing supervisor to delegate appropriate tasks to designated staff members and make sure the work is completed. According to the Michigan Civil Service Commission, the job responsibility of a nursing supervisor at the directing function of management includes directing and maintaining the organization, management of specific patient care area, and integrity of patient care standards. A nursing supervisor also directs the work of subordinate employees and evaluates and verifies employee performance through the review of completed work assignments and work techniques (Michigan Civil Service Commission, 2). The nursing supervisor is held accountable for the assigned work to be completed by all the staff to meet the patient standard of care. To make sure all assigned work is completed, my nursing supervisor directs who is going to do what and then evaluate through observation if the work is completed. For instance, at my workplace, throughout the shift the nurse supervisor visit each floor in the entire facility and randomly observe staff to make sure their assigned duty is completed. In addition to directing staff, the nursing supervisor also controls when and how the work is …show more content…
According to Cristina Oroviogoicoechea literature review of clinical nurse manager, effective communication foster interdisciplinary, collaborative relationship within units or areas of responsibility and the institutions as a whole. She also states that effective communication plays an important role to the nurse manager in making the values and objectives both the units and the organization understandable to each other. In other words, effective communication is important to the nursing practice because the nurse supervisor in the manager’s role is the link between their staff members and the organization in which the nurse supervisor is able to disseminate information on changes in policy, procedures aligning with state and federal laws (Oroviogoicoechea, 1996, 3). Effective communication in itself is imperative for the nurse supervisor to coach and facilitate the enhancement of employee competencies as appropriate, the ability to develop close working relationship and the ability to advice and counsel on job performance and conduct (NC, Nurse Supervisor, 1). In addition, her major contributions that have impacted the nursing practice has also impact the local, state, national and global

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