Role of a Gender Essay

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My Gendered Life

A role of any gender is based on a lot of factors such as region, religion, education, language, values, beliefs, attitude and personal experience. All these factors influence the way a specific gender would approach itself and the society. Male and female have been and are still the two biggest genders of our community. For a long time we have acknowledged males as the provider and females as a receiver. Based on this principle our ancestral societies have set up some trends, regulations, responsibilities and etiquettes.
I was born in India in an extremely religious family. My parents are Hindus and our family followed the rules and norms accepted by the Hindu society. Growing up I saw my father as the worker and
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Even to this date my father does not have a steady job where he can be the provider of the family whereas my mother has a decent job and takes care of most of the financial as well as household needs. My sister turned out to be a very good banker and is working for one of the top firms in the country. I have seen cows being worshipped, huge rich temples flooded with gold idols, money, jewels in which only the upper class men and socially acceptable individuals are allowed whereas poor homeless men are sleeping on the streets outside of these temples waiting for a spare change. However, no matter if you are rich or poor women in Indian Society is still not considered equal to man and does not receives equal rights. I personally do not like the gender inequality between men and women and find it extremely unjustified. Times are now changing and after the dot come bubble; India is fairly westernized in many aspects especially towards women and other genders. Although we are now letting wealthy business men and religious leaders create socially acceptable traits via media power for example the toys children should play with or a specific colors women tend to wear and vice versa. Norms such as, it is not heterosexual for a men to wear a pink colored shirt or a young girl should be playing with Barbie dolls and boys should be playing with trucks and baseballs

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