John Locke The Role Of A Father

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The Role of a Father defines a father as a man who exercises paternal care; a protector or provider. We often see the typical father portrayed in television shows and movies, but what we do not see often is the absence of a father and how it affects children. I believe a father presence and involvement is very important in a child’s academic success, social competence, and a family financial stability. Having a father or father figure in a home can impact a child’s future. Their presence is not the main factor in determining rather a child will succeed in life.. Locke argued that children’s knowledge came solely from their experiences in the environment (Locke, 1689/1996). A father’s presence can definitely be a major part of
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Being a father is not just about disciplining the child,being in existance in the home, but actually taking time to have meaningful conversations with child as well as building a bond. Eventhough men are looked upon as being strong and unsensitive, it is still important for them to build a secure and loving relationship with their children and to display a sense of affection. Developing that relationship with a child at an early age is imporatnt for the stability of a long lasting relationship. The time that a father spends with his child is more beneficial and valuable than materialistic items. Research shows that chilodren with high quality and quanity involement from fathers have better lives. For optimum child developmental outcomes, high father involement in both quality and quanity is desirable ( Wilson & Prior, …show more content…
The absence of a father is like a car with a flat tire. The car is capable of moving, but the ride is bumpy, slow, and hard to travel. Not having a father in a household in order to help the mother and child, makes it harder to move forward in life like the car with a flat tire. A single mother can only so much as to support and nurture her child. The saying is that “a woman can not raise a man.” Generally father-absence was thought important because it implied that the children’s home without a source of discipline and a model for the development of appropriate sex roles ( Biller, 1974). A woman can not teach a boy how to be a man. How can a woman display those manly attributes that her son will have to possess in life while not loosing her feminine ways? A father has to be the one to teach his son how to treat a lady, how to fish, or how to fix his bicycle. A mother’s job is to provide that loving touch not to be rough. Having a father in the household is imporatnt because it takes two in order to maintain a household. If a father is not present to fulfill all the housely duties, they tend to fall on the children. The absence of heirarchy permits the single parent who works full or double shifts to provide for her child responsibilty for the household with the children. The consequences for the children may be a fostering

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