Commanding Officer Analysis

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This task is carried out to identify the role of commanding officers in administrating and fair play in units. In this assignment, we can say that the commanding officer has the ultimate power or authority in commanding the whole unit and commanding officer can mould the base they signed into what shape they want as long it is not breaking the military law.
The commanding officer is responsible in performing their duties fairly and impartially. A good commanding officer will, immediately upon taking command, publish in writing to his command his expectations, his desires, his standards and also knows he is human, and seeks the counsel of his support team to keep him on the straight and true path. For army, the commanding
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While the size of military units varies based on the officer’s rank, the overall responsibilities of a commanding officer are similar.. Each of these obligations speak to a piece of the establishment of the officer position, educating an officer about how to react to different dangers and settle on significant choices in the field. Normally, the absolute leader has extreme power over the unit, and is generally given wide scope to the run the unit as he or she sees fit, inside of the limits of military …show more content…
A commanding officer is responsible for the whole of the organization and safety of the commanding officer’s base, unit, or element, but the detailed distribution of work between the commanding officer and subordinates is left substantially to the commanding officer’s discretion.
2. A commanding officer may allocate to officers, who are immediately subordinate to the commanding officer, all matters of routine or of minor administration.
3. A commanding officer shall retain for himself:
• Matters of general organization and policy.
• Important matters requiring the commanding officer’s personel attention and decisions; and
• The general control and supervision of the various duties that the commanding officer has allocated to others.
4. A commanding officer of a base, unit or element shall ensure that all works and building at the base, unit or element are property safeguarded at all

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