Role Model: Matilda And High School High

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Growing up as a 90s baby, my two favorite movies were “Matilda” and “High School High.” They both have great attributes which depict a teacher’s behavior, that there is teacher who really care, and are willing to go above and beyond to help their student in reaching the highest level of success. It also shows that not all teacher is willing to be role models and just doing it for a steady pay check.
First let me elaborate on Matilda being that this was kids from the elementary school, was an extraordinary child, very talented kid with an amazing gift called telekinesis (which you use your mind to move things). In my eyes she was just born in the wrong family her parents didn’t care one bit, they never seem to have any form on interest in her
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Trenchbull whom was the principal I honestly don’t know how she got that job, maybe the person who hired felt threaten. She was very despicable towards the kids, as punishment she would lock them in a small hot room with nail on the door. She is so naïve, she even mad an obese kid ate a whole chocolate cake because someone ate her cake and due to the fact that he was obese she came to the assumption that it was him. Ms. Trechbull deserves the worst principal award because she sure did abuse those kids physically and mental. If you leaving home to be in school, children should somehow feel safe and protected in some sort of manner even though it is a place for learning. Ms. Honey was the teacher that all the kids loved, she had all the right attributed that a teacher should have, she was loving, caring, nurturing, kind. She would often teach the students how to form sentences, spell, count, calculate different types of math. I would love to be a teacher like Ms. Honey, I want to be an excellent role model for my student, I would go above and beyond to make sure they know I care and also that I am willing to work with them the best I can so that they can get to the highest level of …show more content…
Richard Clark left his perfect job at well-known Wellington Academy to teach at Marion Barry High School. Now, he will try to inspire and motivate the D-average students into making good grades. When Mr. Clark he first got to the school just from the look of it I would just go back home it was so “hood” looking with the graffiti all over the school, it almost looks like the dump due the massive amounts of garbage all over the compound. Some of these students went through the metal detectors they had gun, knifes, axe and many other weapons which was ridiculous. The first day he went into the class and was talking to the student they cursed at him, told him to shut up, threw papers at him. He also stated that’s “he was here to make them better students” and the ring leader who name was Griff said “no teacher ever cared so why should they believe that Mr. Clarke cared.” After Griff saw that Mr. Clark had good intentions he began to open up and so did the class. Mr. Clark began to teach them to read, about the American history, he thought them math. He a very genuine teacher. He even went out of his way to help his student study for the state test in which they all pass in order to graduate, of course but the principal when ahead and switch the results and made it seem like that all failed. Just like a teacher should he went a dug deep to find out what happen and all his students

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