Role Conflicts Within Groups Essay

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Role conflicts within groups
Ashford University
MGT415: Group Behavior in Organizations
Date: This paper will focus on the internal make-up and the wellbeing of the Kirkland Regional Medical Center. The center is a company that enables its customers to pick and choose their own physicians or special care team such as Cardiologist or Internal Medicine. Currently, there are three sister facilities affiliated with K.R.M.C., along with (2) Kirkland Clinic’s. The role of the main branch is to oversee the smaller facilities. Kirkland Regional Medical Center is located right here in Michigan, three facilities is located in Houston Texas., Dallas, Austin Texas. All the facilities have the responsibility of ensuring
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Researchers have found that strategies like simply having contact between groups are not very helpful to reducing conflict. In the 21st century managers don’t take the responsibilities that they should. What have changed is the technologies within the business world like what I stated before the use of computers have advanced the business world into a whole new time. What I expect from my managers is to train their under classman and bring them up to speed. I would like them to manage and utilize all technology, establish core values and show some responsibility, be there to help and support in any way necessary and to find the problem and figure out with the employee that’s having the problem a way to help them solve the concerns. As a manager the skills that is important to help solve problems is to be able to get along with other people within their group. You can’t just hand out orders and expect for things to go smoothly from that point on. Your crew needs some gaudiness and directions like dealing with conflicts, be a team player and a must to work with people from all different types of backgrounds. Making all the employees feel inspired which can cause a close working relationship and cam make it a fun place to work as long as the

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