Rohingya Refugees Research Paper

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Having lived in the Buddhist dominated Myanmar for centuries, the Rohingya are an ethnic group where most of them are Muslims. They are a neglected ethnic group where there are other 135 official ethnic groups in the country. They have been living stateless since 1982 in Myanmar because they have been denied citizenship. Savagely violent security forces forced the Rohingya to escape their homes in Rakhine State in Myanmar. They are facing major violations of human rights , their only option was to flee to Bangladesh and other close countries. The UN describes their situation as " the world' fastest growing refugee crisis". It is ethical for countries to comply with international law and enforce an open door policy towards these refugees because: it's humanitarian to do so, …show more content…
Viewing the Rohingya refugees as an addition to the country instead of a burden would boost any country’s economy and productivity levels. They could provide labor and work just like any other human being. Providing education camps will benefit the countries that will host the Rohingya since it is a long term investment especially for children who will be prepared for a bright future and work for the host country in the future. An example of this is the Syrian refugees that are learning in their camps through UNICEF projects. Germany accepted a large number of refugees and said that they will make the country's society more religiously and culturally diverse. In addition, Dortmund was having a decline in coal mining, and to fill this gap, they trained refugees and employed them. This argument can be linked to the Cost Benefit/Cost Effectiveness Theory where the country is financially benefiting from refugees. Also the Utilitarianism theory where it's a win-win situation for both refugees and the host

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