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A final initiative that may be successful in addressing the impending nursing shortage is to recruit RN’s and LPN’s. There are currently three individuals from the area in the RN program and have expressed a desire to return to the community. If the health region could be successful in recruiting these three nursing students it would do a great deal to reduce the shortage. The health service manager knows the individuals and should be in contact with them to recruit them to the area before they find other positions in other communities. The individuals may be willing to accept a casual position if it is communicated to them that a permanent position would be coming available within the next two years.
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Many of the senior nurses are comfortable in their site specific position and do not want to change that. Furthermore, the nurses that work primarily in LTC have concern starting to work in acute care and being familiar with emergency and acute care nursing. Both full-time RN’s that work in LTC are eligible to retire and may do so if shifts are multi-site because it be too much to get the LTC nurses to feel competent in an acute care setting. Furthermore, these nurses have expressed a wish to stay on an eight hour rotation than be switched to a twelve hour rotation. There are some acute care LPN’s that feel that the workload in LTC may be too challenging for them and they have to work without a RN. It is difficult for them to work in a charge nurse role when they have not done so for a number of …show more content…
There are numerous resources involved in this issue and all have bearing on the outcome. First, the physical resources, the nurses are limited and there will be fewer within eighteen months’ time. Over the last two years, contract nurses have been contracted to fill shortages on two occasions. Previously, these contract nurses were for short temporary durations. A contract nurse will be coming to the community for a three month term, but presently there is no nurse expected to fill that vacancy. Contract nursing is only a short term solution that is costly and will not change the issue. By mixing lines, reorientation and mandatory education for both acute care and LTC will have to occur and there are no nurses to fill the regular scheduled shift, it is unlikely that this can

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