Rogers Communications Inc Essay

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Rogers Communications INC.

Industry overview
The Canadian cellular service’s industry is comprised of approximately 15 cellular providers. These operators employ approximately 16,000 individuals and generate more than CAN$10B in revenues annually, which represents almost 30 percent of the Canadian telecommunications market. The Canadian wireless industry has been experiencing an annual growth rate three times that of any other Canadian telecommunications sector. This is very significant as Canada is in the top 10% in the world for broadband penetration.
The general softness in the Canadian and the Ontario economy has negatively impacted Media’s advertising sales, and lowered net additions of most cable and Internet products. Rogers
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In the same way, this long-term contracts could help to increase de customers loyalty, using this as an opportunity to offer an excellent customer service.
7. In the Internet segment, we should provide service upgrade with a premium price to the segments under the age of 18, those between 35 and 44. We should explore the possibility of attracting the segment of young professionals, who follow the latest trends in technology and fashion, who live at a fast pace (and therefore need fast networks) and have buying power. These strategies are supported by the customer behavior trends of substituting television and telephone services for the Internet and complementing this online behavior with their mobile devices such as smart phones (also, the ARPU for the internet segment was $40 in 2009, up 6% from 2008).
8. Rogers should take advantage of its “first mover” position in order to increase the internet market share. A marketing strategy could support the market penetration strategy. Rogers could offer packages that include internet services looking for increase the number of custumers.
9. Consumers that would be interested in Roger’s service would be home owners form the age of 25 years of age and older. So there’s a target that Roger’s telecommunications should work on, the elder generations whom are less likely to use internet or wireless devices.
10. New technology is prompting a raft of substitute services.

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