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The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne was about this lady named Hester, who commits a sin. She was accused of adultery and had to run around town wearing the scarlet A. Although this book talks about many other people committing to sins, Hester is the only one who had to wear the scarlet A. Hester did not commit the biggest sin, yet she was still punished the most. The character who committed the biggest sin was Roger Chillingworth. Roger Chillingworth commits the biggest sins because he had lied about his identity, he ruins other characters’ lives, and lastly he portrays selfishness towards others.
Lies have been told by Chillingworth, in the book it says “… he chose instead to bury his old identity…” (Hawthorne 55). This quote is important because it reveals that he is a liar who does not want people to know his true identity. When he saw his wife on display he was ashamed of admitting that he was her husband because of the sins she has committed. “Chillingworth’s decision to assume the identity of a “leech,” or doctor, is fitting” (Sparknote Editors)
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Chillingworth knew from the moment he married Hester that she never loved him. His selfishness caused many issues in their family including Hester having an affair. “… ignorance, however, does not excuse Chillingworth’s selfish desire to have a lovely young wife” (Cliff Notes). He knew that Hester did not love him, but he insisted on marrying her because he wanted a “young” and pretty wife. He was selfish because he was a “difficult” husband even when she tried to show affection towards him. “He was frowning at her. When he found Hester’s eyes fastened on his own, and saw that she recognized him, he raised a finger to his lips motioned for her silence” (Hawthorne 19). He was selfish because he wanted Hester to have all the embarrassment, and he did not step forward when she was being publicly displayed as a

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