Essay about Roe V. Wade Case

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The notable case of 1973, Roe v. Wade was a Supreme Court case that protects the right for women to have abortions. Historical abortion case Roe v. Wade initially started in a Texas court. The now known name, plaintiff Norma McCorvey stated the state of Texas violated her constitutional rights and the constitutional rights of other women to decide if they should have an abortion. In Texas, where the case began, it was illegal to proceed with an abortion unless a physician validated the abortion by stating it would save the mother’s life. The case went to the Supreme Court based on the plaintiff’s 14th amendment rights, rights to privacy, appeared to be violated. However, after the case was heard in the Supreme Court, the decision of the judge was that during the first trimester of a woman’s pregnancy she had the private choice to determine the outcome of her pregnancy. Second term pregnancy termination would be regulated by state laws as well as later term pregnancies. Although this was a win for women and Nancy McCorvey, she went on to have the baby during the Roe v. Wade case. Nancy McCorvey gave the baby up for adoption. This case still receives much attention today and is always the forefront of topic in reversing abortion rights for women in the U.S.

After Roe v. Wade
After Roe v. Wade, there has been ongoing fight for women’s rights. Abortion rights after Roe v. Wade has been challenge on the state and federal level. Hundreds of laws within states have been…

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