Bleeding Disorder Research Paper

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When Blood Takes Away from Your Life - Rodney Lemay
What is a Bleeding Disorder:
Quality of life is a very important aspect to consider and if that can be improved upon, it is wise to do so. Bleeding disorders often fall unnoticed and can have harmful effects on the body. Many people even put up with the symptoms of a bleeding disorder without even knowing that they are doing so.
A bleeding disorder can go unchecked as they are commonly relatable to a woman 's period for example. The usual side effects that come along with a woman’s period such as abdominal discomfort and of course blood are two things you would expect of a woman during her period.
If she had a bleeding disorder, it would be very hard to tell that is was even there as they
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Accidents have the potential to happen daily ranging from mild to severe. Knowing of a bleeding disorder means certain situations need to be handled extra carefully.
Hemophilia and von Willebrand disease are the two most common of the blood clotting disorders which cannot be cured but are very manageable and also treatable with each having different severity levels. Von Willebrand disease the more common of the two blood clotting disorders can often go unnoticed through life until major trauma occurs or during childbirth. Hemophilia is rarer and can be more severe. Both are hereditary so it is important for people who are expecting or who have had children to know that their kids could potentially suffer from this disorder too. Not only can the disorders get passed down through childbirth, but they can also cause many problems during pregnancy which makes it impossible for some women to reproduce, with this being the most severe
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Having a better understanding of bleeding disorders and what can be done to combat their side effects is the best step in dealing with one. The simplest way to find out about any bleeding disorders would be through a blood test during a routine check up. Specifically, a complete blood count test. Having this type of blood work done will not only test for any bleeding disorders, but for a wide range of illnesses such as cancers and hepatitis as it tests many different factors. From these tests, and the knowledge of having anemia, it is possible to know to have iron supplements accessible during a period incase of any heavy bleeding causing weakness and fatigue. Being prepared for childbirth is absolutely essential for the survival of a mother with a bleeding disorder as even under normal conditions, excessive blood is to be expected. Having the proper medical plans and staff on hand for a woman with a bleeding disorder will help keep her alive and because blood disorders are hereditary special treatment may also be needed for the

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