Rocky Mountain Mutual: Promoting Fun or Fitness Essay

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Case: Rocky Mountain Mutual: Promoting Fun or Fitness

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ROCKY Mountain Mutual
Date: 18 Jun 2015
To: Zachary Evans Vice President of Operations

From: Manager Claims.

Subject: A report on Fitness Center at Rocky Mountain Mutual, as a long term benefit and continuation of the fitness centre. Thank you for inviting me to prepare a report of the benefits of fitness center in our company. From last few year reports indicate that the Fitness Center has led to an overall decline in employee absenteeism, drop in employee medical costs, and an enhance in productivity. Therefore, I
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Three years ago are built a new headquarters complex which included professionally landscaped grounds, elegant offices, and a Fitness Center featuring an indoor running track, a small swimming pool, and exercise equipments.
The cost for the Fitness Center alone was almost 1 million dollars, and company hired one staff to supervise the activities.

Management considered to builds the Fitness Center with objective which as follows: • Company headquarter was far from the city.

• Fitness Center will be important offer to employee, especially to young employee which may lead to increase productivity and decrease employee absenteeism.

• Also, tout the fitness center to attract the younger and potential employees, was also one of the reason, company actively constructed the fitness centre at a remote suburb of Utah where there was no sports club.

The report shows that those employee taken the opportunity fitness centre there absentees average was 6 days in a year and those who were not participated in fitness centre there absenteeism were 12 days in year. The report also suggested that frequent user of fitness centre as result there medical cost decrease effectively. The

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