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Rock Report Exercise

Due Date: 4/1/2014 Name: Rianne Richter Class: 1121k Grade: /35

After you have finished Lab Exercises 4, 5, and 7, complete the following questions. You may have to refer to the exercises for assistance to locate specific answers.

1. Match the rock type with the correct statement describing its formation. (3 point).

❖ Found where the atmosphere or liquid water causes erosion and movement of rock pieces. Metamorphic Formation

❖ Found mostly near convergent tectonic plate boundaries where the P/T condition can be very high.
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Why? (2 point)

Yes, because when it goes through metamorphism it remains a solid.

7. The igneous rock shown below has large, light colored minerals and many small, dark minerals. You can tell it is an igneous rock because the minerals inside are rectangular and not rounded like sediments. How might the igneous rock shown below have formed? (2 points).


It has porphyritic texture. It had already been crystallized at depth in a volcano, then erupted and cooled down rapidly to form the fine-grained matrix arount the already existing crystal.

8. Sandstone is a detrital sedimentary rock made up of sand-sized pieces. Examine the four steps and draw arrows to where they are occurring in the diagram (2 points).

• A: parent rock is broken into sand-sized pieces


• B: sand-sized sediments are transported

• C: sand-sized sediments are deposited

• D: deposited sand is compacted and cemented into sandstone (no longer sediments)

9. On the Moon, the first rocks to form when it was molten were the outermost rocks that cooled to form the light-colored highlands. Then molten rock filled in the lower areas and cooled. This is called the mare basalt.

Based on this information, of what type of rock are highlands and mare basalts composed?

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