Chemical Rocket Propulsion Essay

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Newton Third Law is using ase reference for operation of rocket motor Based of the law, every action has feedback reaction that has same in magnitude but different in direction. The exhaust is formed entirely from propellants carried within the rocket before it isuse in every rockets and rocket engines work by action and reaction.This rocket engines push rockets forwards simply by throwing their exhaust backwards extremely fast.Application of rockets can be use as weaponary, rescue mission, launch vehicle, human spaceflight, also for hobby activities.
Rocket motor usually refers to solid propellant rockets engines and one of important parts in the model that rocket creates propulsion and launch model rocket into the air.Rocket propulsion is a type of
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In this thesis, we are concerning about chemical rocket propulsion.Chemical rocket propulsion are generally four types of propellant are being used;solid propellant, liquid propellant, gaseous propellant and hybrid (use both solid rocket fuel and liquid oxidizer).
This project is carried out to study rocket motor that utilizes solid propellant. There are four sections in this project. First section is to design solid rocket motor. The second section is to fabricate bulkhead , motor casing, nozzle and propellant grains. Another things to fabricate are centering disk and thruster disk. The third section is to conduct series of firing test. Lastly, all parts will be assembled preinstalled with rocket body and recovery sytem. Potassium Nitrate is use as a basis of propellant grain. Potassium Perchlorate has higher specific impulse than Potassium Nitrate. However, Potassium Nitrate is more simple and less dangerous than Potassium Perchlorate.
Chemical Propellant Advantages Disadvantages
Solid Propellant - fuel not dangerous which easier to handle.
- Low cost
- Very stable and durable.
- Simple without any shut down or

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