Rock N ' Roll Music Impact On America Essay

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Rock n’ Roll music has had a major influence on the American culture and it has been an influence to other genres of music. The music has helped bands and the people after WWII and the Vietnam War, it has also changed America entirely.

The way that Rock n’ Roll music had an impact on America was that it started a trend. It made people express themselves better by changing the way they dressed, the dance styles, or the way that they acted or what they did that made them stand out in the crowd. They would even try to act like their favorite artist or dress like them. Like other music, Rock n’ Roll has changed over the decades. Rock n’ Roll is a trendsetter in American Society, it has developed other rock forms like heavy metal, classic rock and punk rock. Famous Rock n’ Roll singers like Elvis Presley and Little Richard have affected the Rock n’ Roll history. Rock music has had an impact and spread the music has changed and today it we still have Rock music and it is on top of the list of popular music genres.

Before Rock music there was Jazz music, classical, blues, country music and others. Each type of music genre has either been inspired or inspired others to create their own music. The genres that had inspired Rock music was blues, rhythm and country music. And with that inspiration Rock music has inspired others to branch out and create their own type of Rock music. At the start of Rock music we get artists like Elvis Presley and Little Richard. They had…

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