Robotic Surgery : A Surgical Surgery Essay

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When you hear the word surgery the first thought is the risk you are taking while on the table. Though, your first thought when you hear the words robotic surgery, you think robot? Well, robotic surgery is a new innovative way to perform surgeries but, while being controlled by a surgeon. While robotic surgery is a major breakthrough in medical science it doesn’t rule out the way it works, its advantages, disadvantages, and malfunctions of the procedure.
How It Works
The da Vinci was approved in July of 2000 by the FDA. The da Vinci is operated by a surgeon with hand controls on the computer system away from the patient. The robot has 3 or 4 arms and has a tiny video camera attached to one arm, and the other arm is tipped with tiny surgical equipment. The da Vinci is the biggest thing in operating rooms now a days.
Machines Role
Robotic surgery is a minimally invasive surgery much like laparoscopic surgery which is done through a small incision. While laparoscopy is limited in imaging and instrument motion, computer-enhanced technology has advanced enough to overcome them. With the development of robotic-surgery comes 3-dimensional imagining for advanced vision, and the EndoWrist, an instrument that rotates 360-degrees.The 3-dimensional imaging is a major part of the machines role because it helps the surgeon see precisely where they are at and what they are about to work on inside of the human body. It gives them a closer look inside. The machine also…

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