Robinson Identify The Emergents And Transcendent Groups In The Middle Class Research Paper

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The black individuals with more money and more education were in the perfect positions to go and seize the opportunities that affirmative action offered.(Mainstream). For black individuals that were poorer and lack education affirmative action was unattainable. Later, the black individuals that received jobs , education and training moved away from the individuals that lack in all categories, named the abandoned. Affirmative action led to the creation of the Mainstream and Abandoned. Mainstream tried to assimilate to white middle class society. It seemed as though affirmative action was bias toward mainstream society. Residential integration was an effect from many causes including affirmative action, gentrification and etc.. During this period, the abandoned suffered with poverty and shame from other groups. Gentrification forced the abandoned to move to poorer areas which sometimes were white poor areas. The mainstream moved to middle class neighbors where whites had populated. Gentrification integrated poorer neighborhoods. These factors created the separation of Mainstream and Abandoned society. Additionally animosity was generated because of one group had more resources, which led to tensions in the black racial groups as a whole. …show more content…
Robinson identifies the Emergents and Transcendents groups into the chapter. Emergents are constructed of mixed raced individuals and black immigrants. The Transcendents are the affluent black people that the whites couldn’t even ridicule. Additionally information: According to the text, the Emergents used the abandoned and their communities as a stepping stone into middle and upper class society. This action sparked an issue in the abandoned society because immigrants were using affirmative action to an advantage by receiving opportunities that the abandoned couldn 't obtain. Obviously, this was unfair and animosity arose from the

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