Robin Robertson 's Poem Three Ways Of Looking At God Essay

1469 Words Nov 19th, 2016 6 Pages
I choose Robin Robertson’s poem Three Ways of Looking at God because of how it evolved over time. It starts off being about nature, but soon changes to a deep analysis of the Christian faith. Being a devoted Christian myself, the title gave me reason to unpack this poem more than any other. Having a connection through faith was the motivation I needed to commit to fully understanding this complex poem. When I first looked at this poem the title stood out to me. Three Ways of Looking at God sounded like a personal narrative where the author tells the reader about his faith. Looking over the format, I could see three stanzas, all numbered. Each stanza appeared to be an independent statement, each being one example of God. This made me treat each section as a different poem, not looking for an overall narrative. I also noticed the symmetry the poem had on the page. Each stanza had the same number of lines with each line being near the same length. This made me conclude that each stanza must be a different poem, compiled together to share an overall theme. These assumptions vanished while reading the poem.
I expected three obvious examples of how God was visible to be laid out before me, but the poem told a completely different story. The poem starts off by describing a valley and a bird, with layers of confusing wording. The second stanza only makes the reader more confused. The sky looks like a cut sail before nighttime, and the valley is full of sound. Then this stanza…

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