Essay on Robin Hood

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Robin Hood
Case #1

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MGT 515
Organizational Theory & Behavior

Case Synopsis: In the case by Joseph Lampel, Robin Hood sets out to form allies among a group of men with the intentions of revolting against the Sheriff. Over the next year, Robin Hood spent his time forming the group to develop a disciplined crew able to successfully remove the enemy from office, the Sheriff. Robin took the initiative and was the person making the important decisions and the person delegating specific tasks. As training continued, the size of the band got increasingly larger and excitement for the project grew. Over time, however, the size of the band became a concern because discipline was becoming harder to enforce, food capacity was
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For the Robin Hood case, as more men became part of his group, they began to anger because of the living conditions, the lack of food, and the division of drinks. Only when the Merrymen’s basic needs were being sequestered did the men begin to falter and lose sight of the end goal. The men lacked motivation, were quick to anger regarding their living conditions, and questioned the leaders’ decisions. The case supports Maslow’s early motivation theory. When the very first ranked physiological need is being threatened, people will lose their motivation. When they are full, quenched, have shelter, and all other needs are being satisfied, they will no longer be motivated.
In the hierarchy of needs theory we would motivate the men to continue to stand firm on their belief, but in a way that they will not get harmed or harm anyone. Robin Hood and the Merrymen were willing to live outside of the law meaning anything is possible for this group of men. In the text Robin Hood himself even thought about killing the sheriff. We would emphasize to the Merrymen that living outside of the law and not thinking safely will not only result in bad things for them, but it is not setting a good example for the townspeople, which are the people they are fighting so hard for. We would express

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