Robin Hood Motivation Theory

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This case has a few strengths which include: Strength in numbers as his band of Merryman keeps increasing, The group has strong leadership with a strong management team, and Robin Hood 's band of Merrymen, himself included, are well known. The lack of structure within the group, the unwillingness and lack of support from the sheriff, the depletion of supplies, and Robin Hood 's recruitment process are all general weaknesses that are obvious in this case. Robin Hood has the opportunity to expand his organization into the surrounding forests which will in turn multiply his profits. There are also possible threats involved with Robin 's case, for example, There is increasing competition with the Sheriff since he is getting stronger and more organized, …show more content…
What concepts of motivation theory could Robin use? Discuss how each might be employed effectively.
McClelland 's Achievement theory could be beneficial to Robin Hood, the theory is categorized as so: achievement, affiliation, and power. I believe that this theory would resonate best with Robin Hood because Robin seems to have a need for a sense of achievement and power. This theory would be employed effectively by having Robin and his group asses their fears, goals, aspirations, etc and then setting short term goals to achieve their goals.
Robin Hood could also benefit from positive reinforcement. For example, if his band of Merrymen were successfully able to increase revenue then it would encourage them even more if Robin was to give them a cut of the profit instead of piling it into a stash for every member of the group or giving most of it to the poor. The men may also respond to positive encouragement and praise.
(15 pts). What issues of ethics and social responsibility are involved with this case? Why?
Explain these changing environmental
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The men have made a life out of breaking the very laws that oppressed them in the first place. There may come a day where the men yearn for their previous siuattion more than the one they are currently in with food and money dwindling.
Political and Legal Forces: The current campaign will only result in violence and further depletion of resources if the campaign does find some sort of organization. It is highly unlikely that the Prince will agree to a truce and the Sheriff continues to gain favor with the Prince due to power and wealth. Robin Hood and his men odds are not looking good. (30 pts). Which leadership model do you recommend Robin to employ? Why would it be most effective?
The path-goal theory model would be the best for Robin Hood to employ. This is because Robin Hood would most likely fit into the directive or supportive leadership behavior category if he were to change a few things about the way he handles situations. If he would to adapt to a directive leadership style he would be more successful at communicating and clarifying his expectations with his growing band of Merrymen.
(10 pts). How can Robin improve

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