Robert Turing At The Second World War Essay

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1- According to Mark Pagel capacity for culture is the characteristic of humans’ culture which means the human’s ability to continue from where the last generation end (para. 8). Apparent example for that in our present is the computer. Alan Turing at the Second World War prepared research paper about new system able to decode and do different operations. It was the first stone to build what we called now the smart devices. The researchers started from this paper until they discover the real computer which still develop every day. I agree with the author in his opinion. Because if I looked to the animals kingdom based on what the competent Books tell us. I realize that they do the same actions from the first generation until now.

2- Cultural nepotism can be clearly observed in my culture. In both society and government behaviors. I think it is like a coin has two sides. One of them is positive. This phenomenon propels people to help each other’s, to raise the sense of responsibility about the society. But on the other hand the nepotism makes the racism. It encourages sense of priority the ethnicity. It in also encourages segregation even in the same group. I remember when I read about Malcom X in part of his life he was fanatic to his religion. After that, he became fanatic of his race. I think in one of his speech he said Islam does not come to make people in the same level. It came to discrimination the black people. This divert me to realize that the nepotism does not…

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